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About this website

Hi, my name is Matt T, and I've been in the SAA program since 2007.  This is a website I started in 2009 when I lived in Indianapolis, IN.  I subsequently moved to San Jose, CA, and am now in Seattle, WA and have been updating this website along the way.  The purpose of this website is to provide support and resources to anyone working towards recovery in SAA through working the steps with a sponsor either 1:1 or as part of a workshop.

Why I started this website

Early in my recovery journey, I was fortunate to have participated in a 12 month long step workshop with around 30 people - working the steps in community like that really got me on the right path in recovery.  After completing that workshop, I started sponsoring -- I wanted my sponsees to be able to work their steps in community... but there were no active workshops available and none planned.  As I asked around, I heard "why don't you start a workshop - there are people that can help you."  So I did.  And soon I re-learned the power of working steps in community and that I could just facilitate the workshops and, together, we could support each other and work the steps to completion together (each person working with their sponsor).

  • Steps - This page contains 1 or more useful guides or worksheets for each step.  These resources are very helpful as you work through each step with your sponsor.  We reference them throughout our workshops.

  • Workshops - This page contains information and resources for the current active workshop (assuming 1 is in session), resources for others who might want to start a workshop themselves, and a history of past workshop I have facilitated w/ the help of others.

  • Books - This page contains books I have found valuable in my recovery - either links to online versions or redirects to where you can purchase the book.

  • Articles - This page contains some articles I have written over the years which may be of value to others.

  • Quotes - This page contains recovery quotes that I have learned from or enjoyed over the years.  Every time I hear a new quote that I appreciate, I add it to this list.

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